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trainerpic Train the Trainer

Course Outline

Subject matter experts are often asked to teach others what they know.  Doing something well and teaching well are very different skills.

This workshop shows you how to instruct adults effectively. You’ll learn how to make your own training programs practical and dynamic. Your learners will be better able to retain what you teach.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone who instructs adults in the workplace
  • New and experienced trainers seeking to upgrade their skills
Participants learn how to
  • Design and deliver excellent training sessions
  • Create a safe learning environment
  • Move from being “teacher centered” to “learner centered”
  • Identify adult learning styles through the Learning Style Inventory
  • Accommodate different learning types in your training program
  • Use ice-breakers, role-plays, buzz groups, brainstorming, learning games, and energizers to achieve high interaction and bring dry information to life
  • Use listening and questioning skills to enhance the training
  • Control difficult participants and challenging training situations
  • Set up the room for maximum participation
  • Enhance your stand-up presentation skills