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trainerpic Train the Trainer:

Course Outline

Subject matter experts are often asked to teach others what they know. Doing something well and teaching well are very different skills. One-to-one teaching is very common in many organizations. When done well, the learner makes fewer mistakes, is more confident and everyone benefits.

The ability to effectively plan and execute this one-to-one instruction is crucial to its success. This workshop shows you how to instruct adults successfully in a one-on-one coaching session. Participants will learn the best ways to teach the trainee so they fully grasp and retain what they need to know to do their jobs.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone who has to train others one-on-one
  • New and experienced trainers seeking to upgrade their skills
Participants learn how to
  • Prepare thoroughly in advance: about the learner and how to roll out your teaching
  • Develop specific learning objectives
  • Create a safe environment so the learner is relaxed
  • Move from being “teacher centered” to “learner centered”
  • Identify four adult learning styles
  • Accommodate different learning styles in your teaching
  • Open your session with all the right information
  • Check for understanding without testing them
  • Use retention strategies to help them remember
  • Manage different challenges in this setting
  • Create a template for consistency