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stresspic Becoming Stress Hardy

Course Outline

Stress is a fact of life. We can learn to respond to stress in a healthy way or it can undermine our health and our ability to function productively.

This course shows you how to respond to stress in new and more effective ways. The StressMap® will help you see your strengths and vulnerabilities.   You will learn to build better habits for coping effectively. 

Who will benefit

  • Anyone who wants to be more resilient to the daily stress in life.

stresscredParticipants will learn how to

  • Understand the nature of stress, its positive and negative forms and understand how your body responds to stress
  • Recognize “Red Alert” and take action
  • Identify signals of distress - physical, emotional and behavioural
  • Intervene when you experience stress
  • Interpret the results of your personal StressMap®
  • Explore what you can control in a stressful situations
  • Examine habits that help you cope well with stress
  • Develop a personal action plan