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speak_pic Public Speaking Made Easy

Course Outline

The ability to stand up and be heard is necessary for every business person and community leader.  Yet this skill eludes many people.  Fear of public speaking is common at all levels of any organization. 

In this introductory course, you will learn and practice the fundamentals of public speaking.  Whether you are addressing a large audience at a conference or a small group in a team meeting, you will have the support to develop this important skill.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone who needs to develop fundamental presentation skills or public speaking ability
  • Anyone who delivers presentations to large or small groups
  • Anyone with a fear of public speaking
  • Anyone needing feedback to enhance his or her public speaking style
Participants will learn how to
  • Use strategies to combat the stress of public speaking
  • Organize their thoughts to relay clear and concise messages
  • Employ a template to structure a speech or presentation easily
  • Use strategies to make their talk dynamic
  • Project the voice
  • Use body language to portray confidence