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Design & Deliver
Winning Presentations
to Executives

  • Do you deliver presentations to CEOs, CFOs, COOs or CIOs?
  • Do you present the bottom line up front?
  • Is your key message crystal clear?
  • Are you concise and to the point?

Course Outline

Presenting to senior executives brings a number of challenges: the stress of the audience, the career opportunity and delivering key information in a short time. You need to know what to do when your time is cut, the topic is changed or the executives are on their Blackberries.

This practical workshop is designed to help senior leaders (AVPs, VPs, senior directors) create more succinct presentations for senior executives. The program will help learners: capitalize on the pre-work; develop a strong presentation and facilitate the interactive discussion, which is integral to this presentation.

Developed for:

  • Any who makes presentations to the C Suite and senior executive team.

You will learn how to:

  • Conduct thorough pre-work
  • Develop a strong Bottom Line Statement & Executive Summary
  • Select information critically and reduce the number of PowerPoint slides
  • Listen well and facilitate interaction and discussion
  • Construct concise presentations high level overviews
  • Use the voice of leadership and deliver with Executive Presence

  • Make the most of your opportunity in front of senior executives
  • Save time preparing the right presentation for the audience
  • Improve your resilience when the unexpected occurs
  • Reduce your stress knowing you are on the right track for presenting to senior leaders