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presentation-technical Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

Technical professionals in IT, engineering, medicine and other scientific areas are often called upon to deliver presentations to non-technical professionals or experts in other fields. It’s a challenge to explain complex information in ways that engage the listener and that’s easy for non technical people to understand.

Whether the audience is made up of clients, senior executives or co-workers, the speaker needs strong platform skills to get the message across.
The presentation could be:

  • a pitch to sell a proposal or acquire additional resources
  • information to update customers or colleagues on a new product/software;
  • instruction on how to use a new technology

Whatever the purpose, the technical professional must find an interesting way to present dry complicated information in a compelling manner. Being responsive to the audience is the key to success. Technical professionals have extensive expertise and strong focus. With these advantages, you can learn how to design and deliver winning presentations.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to:

  • Consider the audience’s understanding, background and needs
  • Identify a clear key message before designing the presentation
  • Save time using templates for good flow of information
  • Use ‘Plain English’ and avoid acronyms and professional jargon
  • Create strong PowerPoint slides and share the floor with your visuals
  • Determine when to use handouts for additional information
  • Use case studies and anecdotes to make complex information more engaging
  • Become more persuasive by using strategies to get buy-in
  • Manage the Q & A period effectively

  • What makes a technical presentation successful
  • Deliver a concise key message
  • Drive body language to demonstrate confidence
  • Simplify and clarify information for the listener
  • Manage stress before the presentation

Who will benefit?

IT professionals, engineers, scientists and any other technical professional speaking to co-workers, senior managers, clients and the public.