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strengthpic Manage Difficult Interactions Effectively

Course Outline

How well do you manage difficult interactions?

Do you have the communication tools you need when you’re taken by surprise?

Would you like to learn how to navigate difficult interactions with respect and professionalism?

When time is short and the stakes are high, business people need clear-cut skills to manage difficult interactions with colleagues, team members and clients. In this practical workshop, you’ll learn communication skills to manage any interaction more effectively.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone in a management or supervisory position
  • Anyone who communicates with customers or outside vendors
  • Anyone who wishes to enhance their professionalism and leadership style
You will learn how to
  • Assess your triggers – what sets you off during a difficult interaction
  • Monitor your body language to be congruent with your message
  • Respond intellectually not emotionally
  • “Go to the balcony” to see the bigger picture
  • Set clear boundaries during difficult interactions
  • Listen for opportunities to identify deeper issues
  • Give feedback effectively
  • Communicate strategically
  • Build trust and rapport