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listenpic Listening to Improve Leadership

Course Outline

Have you received feedback that you are not listening well enough? To be an effective communicator, you have to be more than just a good speaker; you also need to be a good listener. Listeners have as much or more control over communication as do speakers.

This program teaches strategies for skillful listening in a variety of workplace situations.

Who will benefit

  • New leaders
  • Professionals (Lawyers, Engineers) in service industries
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen his/her ability to listen
  • Anyone who sells to clients or in customer relationships
  • Anyone who supervises others
  • Anyone who works in a team
listen_cred You will learn how to
  • Self assess your listening abilities
  • Improve relationships, trust, and commitment
  • Identify barriers to listening
  • Recognize the non-verbal components of listening
  • Suspend self interest and focus on the speaker
  • Paraphrase and clarify the message
  • Reflect and empathize with the speaker
  • Probe with a variety of questions
  • Summarize effectively