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feedbackpic Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback

Course Outline

Managers, supervisors and team members need to give and receive positive and constructive feedback many times a day. Being able to deliver feedback with clarity, consistency and respect is a critical leadership skill. Being able to receive feedback without defensiveness is equally important.
This course shows you how to listen actively, receive feedback appropriately and deliver positive and constructive feedback with objectivity and sensitivity.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone who instructs or supervises others
  • Anyone who works in a team
  • Anyone seeking to develop management skills
Participants will
  • Develop guidelines for planning and delivering feedback
  • Practice active listening
  • Construct a well-rounded message
  • Avoid making negative judgment statements
  • Practice delivering positive feedback thatís meaningful
  • Practice delivering constructive feedback thatís behavioural
  • Receive constructive feedback without defensiveness
  • Monitor body language
  • Respond to difficult reactions to feedback