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presentpic Design & Deliver Winning Presentations

Course Outline

Leaders in business are expected to model the highest standards for presentation skills. Aside from communicating information in a clear and concise manner, you want to engage, inspire and influence your listeners. What distinguishes an exceptional presentation from an ordinary one?

In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to design a vibrant presentation, develop compelling visual aids, engage and persuade your audience and sharpen your speaking abilities.

Who will benefit

  • Business people who deliver presentations to clients
  • Anyone who speaks up at a team meeting
  • Professionals delivering Powerpoint presentations to internal or external groups
present_cred You will learn how to
  • Quickly structure your presentation using a template
  • Develop a strong opening and a powerful closing
  • Introduce a human interest element to make your message engaging
  • Think on your feet – learn formulas for delivering impromptu talks
  • Get and keep your audience’s attention
  • Prepare visuals for maximum effect
  • Field questions and respond to obstacles
  • Use gestures, posture, eye contact and movement to inspire confidence in your audience
  • Project your voice to capture the audience
  • Channel nervousness into positive energy