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custom_pic Customer Service From The Inside Out

Course Outline

Across all industries, customers expect exceptional service for external and “captive” clients. The standards of customer service are higher than ever before. How can staff achieve, maintain and exceed the service that meets today’s high standards?

This customized and skills based seminar helps build practical skills. Participants learn to maximize their performance to deliver caring, courteous, customer-oriented service face-to-face and on the phone.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone delivering customer service on the telephone or in person
  • Anyone working in a call centre
  • Anyone who wants to improve their skills interacting with difficult customers
Participants learn how to
  • Define differences between standard and exceptional service
  • Understand “Best Practices” for building a service culture
  • Listen actively to customer needs and identify customer expectations
  • Deal with irate callers without increasing their defensiveness
  • Learn more about telephone etiquette
  • Manage a variety of challenging situations professionally
  • Take responsibility for customer satisfaction – go the extra mile