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strengthpic Communicate With Professionalism

Course Outline

The need to be a highly effective communicator crosses all industries, careers and levels of the organization. Whether the focus is customer service, supervision, team building or leadership, strong communication skills are the foundation for success.

This training will help you enhance your professional communicaton in any arena. You will learn how to improve your listening skills, diplomacy, ability to send clear concise messages and respond effectively in challenging situations. The workshop is customized to reflect the needs of your company.

Who will benefit

Anyone who wishes to enhance their professionalism and leadership style

  • Anyone in a management or supervisory position
  • Anyone who works in a team
  • Anyone who communicates with customers or outside vendors
Participants will learn how to
  • Manage yourself professionally in challenging situations
  • Communicate respectfully in difficult encounters
  • Listen skillfully to enhance relationships and build trust
  • Use a link statement to bridge their positions to yours
  • Communicate non-defensively and minimize defensiveness in others
  • Send clear and concise messages
  • Become more persuasive