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coachpic Coaching Drives High Performance

Course Outline

People who are coached well have higher productivity, higher motivation and a stronger commitment to the organization. Theres more to coaching than having a random conversation and giving a pat on the back.
Superior Coaching teaches the mind set and skill set to remove the element of chance from coaching conversations. Leaders learn how to adopt the attitude and employ the skills needed to coach people toward continuous improvement of performance.

In this coaching skills workshop, participants identify the key values and essential characteristics of effective coaching. They practice the critical skills needed to drive high performance when leading people.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone who is a formal or informal leader in their organization
  • Anyone wishing to learn more about motivating others
  • Anyone wanting to support continuous improvement with their staff
You will learn how to
  • Identify the key values needed to become a Superior Coach
  • Recognize five essential characteristics of the coaching process
  • Practice four critical skills of Superior Coaching
  • Learn specific strategies of the coaching conversation
  • Apply Superior Coaching to a variety of performance applications