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change_pic Effective Change Management 

Course Outline

Change impacts everyone in an organization. Many people react with denial or resistance. It's normal to anticipate and fear a range of losses - loss of job, competency, security and esteem. However, the sooner we support the process, the easier it is to adapt to the change. Effective leadership training for change management focuses on a structured process of getting from the way things are to the way you want them to be - with everyone on board. This impacts the corporate culture and leads to innovation and transformation in the workplace.

Managers face a tough job, communicating the change and getting buy-in from everyone. This program will use best Practices of Change Management to help managers and staff understand the change process, people's reactions to change and identify how to enable the initiative.

Who should attend

  • One program intended for staff and non-supervisors
  • One program intended for managers
Participants will learn
  • The types of resistance to change and how to overcome them
  • How to differentiate change from transition
  • A four stage model of personal transition - and how to become more positive
  • Effective coping and support strategies
  • A communication model to explain change