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assertpic Working With Assertiveness

  * Online course now available *

             Module 1 | Module 2

Course Outline

Assertiveness is all about self confidence, self respect and respect for others. With these principles as the foundation, we learn the best way to interact with others. Assertiveness is a way of thinking, behaving and communicating.

In challenging situations, many people become either passive or aggressive. This is because they don’t know how to act in other ways. Ideally we strive to be assertive and that is an acquired skill. In this workshop participants learn specific strategies to be more effective in their dealings with others.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone who wants to learn professional communication techniques
  • Anyone who communicates with difficult people
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to stand up for themselves
  • People who sound abrupt and don't intend to
You will learn how to
  • Differentiate assertive, aggressive and non-assertive behaviour
  • Understand how assertiveness is linked to self respect & respect for others
  • Monitor your body language to avoid sending mixed messages
  • Employ seven communication strategies to use in challenging situations
  • Deal with criticism appropriately
  • Make requests in a responsible way
  • Say “no” assertively
  • Limit defensiveness when communicating with others
  • Set limits in a clear manner
  • Express disagreement and dissatisfaction without alienating others