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Bina Feldman Consulting is a training company founded by Bina in 1987. We specialize in communication skills and other areas of professional and personal development.

Our company delivers customized in-house courses and one-on-one coaching to business people at all levels of the organization and across many industries. Bina Feldman has extensive experience delivering soft skills workshops nationally and internationally.

Our participants learn transferable skills that increase their personal effectiveness, professionalism and leadership.

About Bina Feldman


Bina Feldman, B.A. M.Sc. is principal of Bina Feldman Consulting Inc., and a professional trainer, consultant, performance coach and speaker.

bina feldman

Bina expanded her company with associates and topics to branch out into soft skills training. Her areas of expertise include: Communication Skills, Assertiveness, Coaching & Feedback, Mentoring, Customer Service, among others. Bina’s company delivers training and individual coaching that is highly customized and relevant to the learner and the company. The focus is on teaching practical skills that are easy to implement the day after training.

Bina has worked one-on-one with her clients in performance coaching: for job interview preparation, senior level presentations, team
presentations, sales presentations, speeches, communication challenges and customer service issues.

Contact Bina at bina@binafeldmanconsulting.com