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How to Successfully Sell to Clients

If you count yourself in the broad scope of salespeople who regularly try to influence others to buy an idea, product or service, try stealing a few techniques from effective sales presentations. You'll be surprised at how universal these strategies can be.

Talk less about yourself and more about the buyer.
Begin the sales presentation by focusing on the buyer's needs and how you can help them reach their goals. They'll buy your product, service or idea because of how well you can solve their problem, not because of who you are or what you know.

Selling is a 70% listening proposition.
Understanding a buyer's problem requires that you listen more than you speak. Sharpen your listening skills so that you grasp the buyer's motivation. Practice verifying, interpreting, and empathizing as tools of a successful sales presentation.

Sell solutions.
Selling an idea, product or service requires more than just sound product knowledge. Too often, people focus on embellishing the product, or highlighting the service. The real power comes when you develop a mindset to think first about problems facing your buyer. Offer your customer solutions. With this orientation, your sales presentations are likely to be more successful.

Speak succinctly and enthusiastically.
Professional sales presentations can be lengthy, boring and too detailed. In your eagerness to demonstrate your experience and vast knowledge, you may drone on and on. The most successful presentations are short, to the point and energetic. People underestimate the amount of enthusiasm you need to sell an idea, product or service. Show a high interest in your own presentation and you will be seen as passionate, committed and sincere.

Rehearse out loud.
It helps every presentation come across more smoothly. With a voice rich in loudness and resonance, you sound more authoritative. With oral practice, you improve your fluency and diminish any hesitancy. It will increase your confidence and help you win the sale. To sound more credible and compelling, a louder voice with inflection, energetic body movements and facial gestures will help.

Sell trust.
Establishing yourself as a person of integrity is crucial to convincing the buyer. Be worthy of their trust. Speak with authenticity. Show you care about them and their issues.

Ask for the sale.
For some, being that direct is a challenge. What is the reluctance? Fear of the negative stereotype of the hard sell? Are we not assertive enough? Do we think that asking for what we want is tacky? People who ask for the sale get it more often than people who do not. Learn to identify exactly what you want and ask for it! Pick a phrase you feel comfortable saying and practice it out loud.

We're all sales people of one sort or another. We try to influence our family and friends. We try to sell our ideas to our peers, our bosses and our workers. Whatever your product, service or idea, persuading others to buy is always a challenge. Next time you find yourself selling, use these techniques to give you that extra edge.

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Bina Feldman is a corporate training consultant and communication skills expert specializing in personal & professional development.